WHEN? Winning through the power of PATIENCE

WHEN? Winning through the power of PATIENCE


What exactly is patience? what does it really mean to be patient? According to the advanced learners Oxford dictionary , Patience is the capacity to accept or tolerate delay, problems, or suffering without becoming annoyed or anxious.

WHEN? Winning through the power of PATIENCE

I read a book and I’d like to recommend it to you all. Its titled WHEN? Winning through the power of PATIENCE. Often you hear young adults asks questions such as; when will i get a job?
(of-course i ask myself this all the time, no seriously to b frank i do) when will i make it in life? When will i get married? when will i get recognised and promoted? Time is running out for me. Why hasn’t God
answered me? When will my healing come? when will my breakthrough manifest? How long till my miracle?

These are are just a few of the questions we ask ourselves as man always wants to know ‘when’. You will discover the power available in patience and the secret of breaking through the most difficult situations. Why God seems “slow” at times in responding to your needs and how to get on the sure path of receiving whatever you ask from God. Discover the easiest way of finding through peace, how
to handle difficult relationships and win back loved ones. Go get a copy of this book and i can guarantee, you will discover ‘When’

Who would have thought that patience has so many ramifications and so much influence on our lives? Patience is clearly a gift from God which we all have but use to differing degrees. Patience is definitely a footstep on the rocky road to our personal eternity.

Dr. Tony Marinho
Consultant Gynaecologist and Founder, EDUCARE TRUST

” Patience is a companion to greatness. The constant virtue that seems to mark all great achievers is the ability to persevere until they get to the finishing line. The book is biblical, contemporary, thought provoking and easy to read. “

Rev.Prof. Gregory. E Erhabor
Consultant chest Physician
Host Pastor, Hope for the Nation TV Programme

” Patience is the inner strength that takes you through adversity without murmuring and complaining and it comes from knowing that your tomorrow will be alright. Many Christians have lost the important orientation that in this world, tribulations, trials and difficulties could arise. Patience is a rare commodity deposited in the life of every believer by the Holy Spirit as a fruit. It remains latent and inactive until it is put to work and exercised “

” Without patience, no one can inherit eternal life, for it is patience that enables you to “endure” i.e wait through the dry seasons and stormy weathers of this life without giving up. The hurry, the rush and jostling for wealth or position that we see around us every day is an indication that patience is wanting. Many are no longer prepared to wait patiently through the days of small things. “

Pastor Olu Obanure
Snr. Special Assistant to the General Overseer
Redeemeed Christian Church of God (RCCG)

I remember when i was seeking for admission into the higher institution, i was actually running out of patience because i felt i was lacking behind and my mates have gone far ahead of me. i was praying and believing God to intervene in my situation.  

I have applied at University of Abuja Several times but to no avail then my dad took me to his place of work; he actually worked at the Ministry of Education before he retired 2017. We went to see a director of education concerning my case. My father pleaded with her to help me and i also joined in pleading with the director of education. Then she said the only school available is the University of Maiduguri which is located far awsy in the Northern part of Nigeria, Borno State to be precise. A region that is known for the various attacks by the deadly terrorist sect called Boko Haram. 

Apart from the fact that it is a very prone area to the terrorist sect, it is also very very far from home. my dad was scared, he didn’t want me to go far at all. The woman asked us to go and think about  it and get back to her the next day. 

Believe me readers, i was so desperate, i needed to get into school, i was not getting any younger and my mates were already in school. But then i heard a still small voice saying ” be patient ” Right then and there i told my dad, i’m not interested, i am not going.

I decided to get busy and get involved with some jobs for about two years. i was always in church very early, cleaning the house of God and preparing his sanctuary for service. As i was doing all that, i was praying to God to fix my life. i was praying seriously for admission. That was my only prayer point.

Then God heard my cry and gave me admission at the University of Abuja, Abuja Nigeria. A school i have applied for admission five times. I was happy because this was the kind of admission i wanted.

Then i imagined if i had accepted to go to the University of Maiduguri in the North, who knows what would have happened to me, who knows what would have become of me. That school was raided about three times by the terrorists before my admiission came.

i know sometimes in life, we find ourselves at cross-roads and we really don’t know what to do or which way to go. I just want to encourage us not to make drastic decisions just because we are desperate and in need of of a thing urgently. Take your time, relax, talk to someone, pray to your maker, have a mentor and i bet you, everything will work out fine.

Please do comment and if you have any similar experience about being patient you would like to share, please do share. Someone might be blessed. Someone might be encouraged


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