Step Out of Your Comfort Zone:

Step Out of Your Comfort/Contentment/Consolation Zone:

Just a word of encouragement from Oluwafemi Emmanuel (CEO

The fact remains that as a man (Both Sexes) you have to stretch yourself beyond your present level.

Move out of your shell and move your life beyond your comfort zone. Do not be afraid to take risks. Develop yourself, develop your skills and set goals and do your best to achieve them.

Seek help where and when it’s needful and necessary. Challenges are imminent in the pursuit of your dreams, aspirations or purpose in life, face it!!! The fact remains that nothing good comes easy.

I love the popular saying that goes thus:

“Winners never quit and Quitters never win”

Another says

“If you don’t do the required, you will never get the desired” 

Be positive minded that all will be well with you. God will positon you to meet helpers of your destiny and those that will in one way or the other believe in you and help push you to succeed (#smiles, well talking about that, i met someone recently and believe me, she’s God sent)

Remember God told the Man with the Greatest faith ever (Father Abraham) in this exact words “Step out of your fathers house and i will show you a land full of minerals . Gen 12:1”  God was simply telling Abarham to leave his comfort zone. We know how things began to fall in pleasant places for him when he left.

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Hey listen to me, i am not saying you should leave your fathers house in a hurry o, (lol) make sure you apply wisdom in whatever actions you so desire to take. Bottom line is: Seek Gods direction.

You were created and sent to this world for a reason and for a purpose and until you achieve that, you are not permitted to DIE.

So grab the bull by the horn and step out of your comfort zone! There’s is Greatness inside of you, Manifest it.

The Word of God says in this world you will face challenges, trials, temptations and so much more, but He says be of good cheer because He gat you.

These challenges are just there to prepare you for the future He has for you and it proves that you are on the right path to Greatness

Every problem is a gift and every trial is a test. Without them , trust me Growth is far from you.

Dont give Up !!!

signed: Oluwafemi Emmanuel



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