Five Minutes Solution To Fix A Scratch On Your Car

Five Minutes Solution To Fix A Scratch On Your Car

I have experienced scratches on my car before and i know how it feels, it can be so annoying and frustrating especially if it was done by a random person carelessly. Worry no more because you can get rid of it in minutes. Just like i mentioned earlier, deep scratches in your car’s paint are annoying to look at and sometimes expensive to repaint, and it will definitely open up your paint to future rust problems if left untreated. It is best to treat does scratches on your car immediately to avoid huge costs later on. Below are the simple steps you can follow to cosmetically repair that deep scratch on your car.

To solve this problem, the items you will need for this task includes

  • Shop towels
  • Isopropyl alcohol,
  • Touch-up paint,
  • Filler putty
  • Small touch-up brush,
  • Foam block
  • Paint leveler and a
  • Squeegee

the first thing you should do is to clean the scratch
Take out time to clean out the scratch by rubbing alcohol to remove any leftover wax, especially if the gouge occurred after a recent wax or sealant session. Due to the severe depth of the scratch, touch-up will not be effective nor efficient when filling in the crater.

For this, a glazing spot putty will fill the void or crater before applying touch-up on top of the dry putty.

Filling it in
After doing the above, squeeze a bit of putty next to the scratch, then use a small squeegee to spread the putty into the scratch and allow the glaze to dry for two to three minutes. Make sure you allow it dry. Once it is dry, wrap a shop towel around a foam wet sanding block, and apply liquid paint leveler to the towel. The leveler will remove the putty surrounding the scratch, but leave the excess putty within the scratch.

Then gently wipe the towel across the putty to remove small sections at a time. Use light pressure as the important thing is to leave the scratch full of putty and it may take you a few minutes to get this done properly. When done, the scratch should look like a thin red line the length of the original damage.

Applying The Paint
The next thing you have to do is use touch-up paint from your dealership or specialized online retailers and a very fine brush. Apply the paint to the red putty by dabbing, not brushing or wiping.

Cover the area with a thin, light coat and allow it to dry over night. If more touch-up is required, add one more thin coat or simply apply clear coat on top of the dry touch-up paint. The main purpose of touch-up, especially for deep scratches is to protect the paint from future corrosion.

If correctly applied, the by-product of this process cosmetically makes the scratch less annoying to look at.

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Avoid This Five Computer Mistakes At All Costs

It is no news that we are in the 21st century and of course a digitalised and computer age, therefore having a computer at this time is meant to make your life easier, smoother and better but there are times that you find out that it is giving you the opposite simply because it is slow or worse compromised by hackers and intruders.

I have discovered overtime that most people are the cause of their own problems. Your habits can however make your computer slow and even be responsible for hackers gaining access to your information. I want to share with you five mistakes you should avoid at all cost.

  1. Believing You Received A Call From Microsoft or Apple
    Hear the truth clear and plain, neither Microsoft nor Apple will ever call you to inform you that your computer is not working properly. If you ever get one of those calls, do not give the person on the other end remote access to your computer. As a matter of fact, don’t give them any information about your location or computer. Just hang up immediately.
  2. “Free” Applications Downloads Without Being Sure of Its Legitimacy
    If you don’t know this before now, then know it today. The thing about “free software/applications” is that typically it isn’t free. There is always a price to pay, and more often than not, that’s the integrity of your computer. When you download free software/applications, you’re often allowing the software to install something called a malware onto your computer. Malware is a software that you didn’t intend to install that can damage or disable your computer so that you have to buy more software to fix it. Be suspicious of any free software offers.
  3. Failing To Take The Easy Route                                                                            Some problems on a lot of computers, smart phones and tablets can quickly be resolved the minute they arise by simply restarting the machine/device. Failing to reboot your computer can in fact make the situation worse.
  4. Be Patient After a Reboot
    It is very essential you wait a minute or two when restarting/rebooting your device before jumping into tasks. A lot of the times, applications and services are still initializing in the background and do not necessarily mean that your computer is slow or performance-challenged. So always be patient and make sure you always refresh the system.
  5. Failure To Download Operating System Updates
    Truth be told, a whole lot of people fail to do this always, we didn’t manufacture this devices and the people who manufactured them feel there’s a need for updates whenever they are available so as to enhance the work of the device. But we feel its is ok like that, or sometimes we feel the size of the update is too large. Hear me today, it is very very important to update your device when the update is available. I know it can be sometimes annoying, because you might be asked to restart your computer right in the middle of something very important you are doing, but the truth is ignoring system updates introduces a level of potential instability, and can leave your computer open and vulnerable to attack from a hacker or from malware. This can lead to serious damage to your data.

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