Dr Pastor Paul Enenche: A Man From God Indeed

I’ve seen, I’ve listened and I have been blessed by the great teachings of this Man from God. Truth is i have realised, there is a huge difference between a Man of God and a Man from God. There are so many Pastors who claim they are men of God, but we have just few who are men from God.

Indeed Dr Pastor Paul Enenche is exceptionally one of such men.

I really don’t know much about him in the past years. My elder sister has been attending Dunamis once in a wile, while I attend Rccg. My first ecounter with this great man from God was when I was watching one of the Dunamis Adverts on Tv inviting the general public  for a program and then I was hearing;

“And the devil is telling you, you cannot get married, and the devil is telling you cannot get  a job, and the devil is telling you you cannot be promoted.? That devil is a bastard Liar.”

lol…That’s when I began to fall in love with this great man and always want to be under his Ministrations. I mean i have never seen a pastor with so much enthusiasm and vigorous  countenance. The devil is indeed a Bastard.

Dunamis means power, and Indeed, Dr Pastor Paul Enenche is a very Powerful and vigorous man from God that one should emulate. His style of teaching is just out of this world, it is so exceptional, remarkable and overwhelming. I lack words to qualify Him. He is a perfect man I must say.

I was oppurtuned to be in his new church auditorium (Glory Dome) last week Sunday. Truth is I have always wanted to visit the Glory DOME, but my engagement in my church hasn’t really permitted me.

But thanks to a very close friend of Mine Jummai who is an usher in the church. She made sure that I was there that very sunday 17th Feb 2019 as she said to me in this exact words “You must come this Sunday o, bring all your documents because it is impartation Sunday” I had to listen to her, not because I wanted to please her but because i felt I needed to go and the spirit of God said GO!

And I was there live, lo and behold I was standing in front of the most beautiful church I’ve ever been to all my life. I couldn’t believe my eyes. God indeed is in that place. What a beautiful serene atmosphere to behold.

Dome is beautiful, Dome is welcoming and, It was magnificent. I was blessed seeing the building alone.

Teaching on the topic “ The Profitability of FAITH” heb:6 Pastor Paul Enenche said

“Faith is a doorway to spiritual rewards and profits. God is a rewarder of those that diligently seek/believe Him” he further said “we don’t seek God in vain” Isaiah 45:19.

We are not wasting our time in church he said.

Here’s more from “ The Profitability of FAITH”

Faith attracts substantial evidence of the reality of God unto the life of a believer.

You cannot be in faith and be without proofs/evidence

Profits of Faith:

  • Faith is key to Power Acts 6:8, in other words, the fullness of faith is the fullness of Power.
  • Those who walk in Faith never beg for power. Mark 5:28-30
  • Faith moves you to the realm of God Mark 10:27
  • It is a doorway to the world of your blessings Psalm 27:13
  • Faith moves you to an enviable status..Hmm I love this one.
  • Faith is key to wholeness Matt 9:22, matt 15:28
  • Faith is cure for deficiency or insufficiency in your life; Divine healing and good health are functions of faith.
  • Faith is key to victory and triumph 1st John 5:4
  • Faith will make a victor out of a victim, a captain out of captive and a conquorer out of the conquered.
  • By Faith, we subdue kingdoms and put the enemy on the run

What then is the key to accessing this faith?

LIGHT. Jesus is the light, Jesus is the word (Rom 10:8) the word of God is the word of faith. Rom 10:17

What do we do with this light?

  • Access light from the scripture Matt 15:26
  • Attune your taught to the light of the scripture Rom 12:2
  • Align your talk with the light from the scripture. Don’t speak carelessly but speak calculatedly, don’t speak your frustrations but speak your manifestations. 2nd cor 4:13
  • Adjust your walk to the light from the scripture. Psalm 119:105, Isaiah 2:3-5
  • Do what God wants you to do so as to see what what He wants you to see. 2nd Corinth 5:7

The topic is so loaded and I possibly can’t put up every detail here. So I wll advice you visit the officiual Dunamis website www.dunamisgospel.org and contact them on how to get the full message for 17th feb Impartation service “ The Profitability of FAITH” or more messages from The man from God.

Finally after proclaiming on the materials for contact to breakthrough, Pastor Enenche had to speak on the Coming Election.

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I listened with keen interest as I was so eager to know His take on the Coming Elections in Nigeria

And softly he tells the congregation that “It pays to serve God” he encouraged us all to hold on to God very tight this year and do it passionately.

He also encouraged us not to Joke with our Sunday service to God and never to compromise our service to God for any reason, He said we should be dedicated to the things of God.

He further said we should do what we can and let God do what we cant.

Encouraging words like this and more will always want you around a man from God like Dr Pastor Paul Enenche.

If you have not been to Dunamis International Gospel center, then i challenge you to visit them and attend their services and i tell you, your life will never remain the same.

I was so blessed  last week Sunday and that prompted me to write this short article.

Oluwafemi Emmanuel is my name and i believe in GOD.

I hope you enjoyed reading. Stay Blessed.

Please do comment below if you share the same view with me, that this Great man is Indeed God sent to our generation.






2 thoughts on “Dr Pastor Paul Enenche: A Man From God Indeed

  • February 22, 2019 at 6:16 am

    Indeed Pastor Paul Enenche is a man from God send to our generation especially to the youth.I implore that the youths should take advantage of it now before is too late.If you want to carry spiritual fire then you must visit Dunamis.I am a living witness. God bless you all.
    More grace to you Mr Emmanuel

    • February 25, 2019 at 11:50 am

      Thank you miss Esther….May God bless and increase you too.


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