Awesome WordPress Plugins to boost Your Blog Traffic

Great WordPress Plugins to boost your Blog Traffic in a very short period

Guess there are so many bloggers out there who doesn’t know that there are several best wordpress plugins to boost blog traffic. This wordpress plugins to boost blog traffic are developed by experts to help wordpress users to rank higher on Google Search Engine. This wordpress plugins to boost blog traffics have been used and tested by the many wordpress users who give excellent reports about it effectiveness. Many WordPress users (including this blog) have tested this wordpress plugins and the report is that, this plugins have boosted their/our blog organic traffic by 85%. Here’s a list of these plugins to help boost your blog traffic.


SEO plugins remain the best wordpress plugins to boost blog traffic. Get a good domain name here

Yoast SEO plugin remains the number one plugin among every other wordpress SEO plugins

Yoast SEO has so many tools that helps wordpress users to optimize their website.

Functions YOAST SEO

Yoast SEO has a very wide variety of functions that help wordpress users to optimize their blog post for top Google search ranking. The wonderful features of Yoast SEO plugin are as follows:

  • Meta tags.
  • XML sitemaps.
  • Breadcrumbs navigation.
  • Importation of Google search console data into WordPress.
  • Adding Thumbnails for facebook and Twitter cards, etc.
  • Optimizing your website for social platforms like Facebook and Twitter.

This is one of the best wordpress plugins to boost blog traffics.

See how Optinmonster works

  • OptinMonster is a wordpress plugin that automatically convert your website visitors into email subscribers.
  • OptinMonster allow you to tracks user’s behavior and show them a targeted message at the precise moment they are about to leave, so you can convert them into email subscribers.
  • OptinMonster can help you to increase your email subscribers by 100%.
  • It will help the subscribed users to be notified anytime you post a new article on your website.

This wordpress plugin is a super fast plugin that has the most popular social networks. Although there are thousands of other social media sharing WordPress plugins, floating social bar is highly recommended because it has easy to use features.

I recommend floating social bar as one of the best wordpress plugins to boost blog traffic because.

Unlike other wordpress social media sharing plugins which are usually complicated with so many unwanted social networks that slows down your website, floating social bar is super easy to use because users can:

  • Set it to stick at the top of their posts when users scroll down.
  • Add it at the end of their posts.

Furthermore, this wordpress plugin is a super fast plugin that has only the most popular social networks which will enable users to easily share you post on social media.


WordPress popular posts plugin is one of the best wordpress plugins to boost blog traffics and page views. This plugin allows wordpress admins to highlight the best content on their website and recommend them to their readers.

Functions of this plugin

WordPress Popular Posts plugins is useful in the following fields:

  • It allows website owners to display their popular posts based on page views or comments.
  • You can also display the list with post thumbnails and can even choose popular posts by day, week, or month.



This is yet another good wordpress plugin that helps in increasing page views. It works almost as WordPress Popular Posts. But in the case of Inline Related Posts plugin, only post that are related to the current post that visitors are currently reading are displayed. This plugin works really well for long articles because users who are already exhausted on a long post are much likely to check out similar content.


If truly you are a very good blogger, then you should know that subscription and comments are very good tools to boost user visitor’s engagement. This plugin plays a very vital role in allowing users/visitors to subscribe to comments on your articles. This plugin helps the admin to notify his/her users through email notification whenever there is a new comment on the post they have subscribed for.

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This plugin was formerly known as “Tweet Old Post”

Features of this plugin

  • This plugin works by Keeping old posts alive on your social profiles.
  • This plugin Revives old posts and make them work for you by allowing you to automatically share your old posts on Twitter and Facebook at regular intervals.



This plugin works by allowing you to schedule updates for your social media profiles. WP to Buffer plugin automatically adds your WordPress posts to the Buffer queue. This way you can totally automate all the social media sharing you have to do after publishing a post.


This is another awesome wordpress plugin that helps boost blog traffic. This plugin gives users the access to share your blog posts by tweeting it.


  • This plugin allows you to add a click to tweet box in your WordPress posts.
  • It enables You to strategically place “click to tweet boxes” in your articles with your own quotes.
  • This plugin helps you to bring more users from Twitter to your site.

This is a very wonderful plugin that works with facebook.

This simple plugin will help you to setup your WordPress site for Facebook Instant Article. One of the draw back of Instant Articles is that, it is likely to be clicked and shared on Facebook only.

But to be frank, this plugin is one of the best wordpress plugins to boost blog traffic. It helps websites owners to get a lot of traffic to their website which will help you increase your Facebook page reach.


OK, that’s it, a list of the best wordpress plugins to boost blog traffic. You can also combine them with other wordpress plugins to improve your WordPress site performances and search engine ranking.

This plugins work very well and boost users engagement and boost traffic at the same time. In our all time review on best wordpress plugins to boost blog traffic, we recommend Yoast SEO plugin.

But in order to attain the highest ranking and gain more advantage on google search engine and boosting your blog traffic, we advice you to combine yoast SEO plugin with other plugins listed on this post.

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